Walkable mats

walkable mats
custom walkable mats
walkable mats
custom walkable mats

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Rubber mat, adheres perfectly to the ground simply by placing it (without double-sided tape or other systems that damage the surface). Made of polyester + non-slip coated PVC (thickness 2, 6mm).
Round carpet, diameter 30 cm, with ready-made standard graphics printed with direct UV. Sold in kits of 4 pcs. It is possible to request dedicated creations, with customized graphics, shapes and sizes at will.
Discounts for quantities.
Key Features:
Floor signs to help maintain distances within the stores to organize the influx of customers or in the production departments to coordinate staff.
The effectiveness of floor communication is proven for effectiveness and clarity. As an alternative to these simple and practical rugs to be placed on the floor, it is possible to create walkable adhesives with the same function.
Certification FR EN13501-1 and EN-14041 Class DS
All products that cannot be added directly to the cart, providing for a series of preliminary choices by the buyer (configuration), are classified as "customized" products. The configuration choices result in different product finalization interventions. Following the order, the goods from the "semi-finished" state are prepared according to the specific choices of each customer.

4pcs kit.

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Ho apprezzato innanzitutto l'assistenza ricevuta durante l'acquisto: mi hanno spiegato che esistono adesivi calpestabili rimovibili senza lasciare residui sul pavimento ma ho optato per questa soluzione per non avere neanche il minimo rischio di rovinare il parquet. Pienamente soddisfatta!
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