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DNA Rope

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Material: metal post (from the DNA series) with elegant dividing rope.

Size: diameter of pole cm 5, height cm 97.5 with round base (diameter cm 30).
New: renovated basic design with square shape.
The rope, supplied with clamps at its ends, has a diameter of 2.5 cm and is available in 3 lengths (cm 100, cm 150, cm 200), each available in 5 colors ( black braided polypropylene, blue, red, grey or stainless steel).

Key features: elegant and refined element to mark spaces and organize the flows of people. Ideal for airports, acting theaters, museums, hotels, clubs and shops in general.


In addition to the rope, the pole can be fitted with other accessories (such as literature/brochure holder pockets, sign holder, printed panels etc.).

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Asi snc
Certified Buyer
DNA Corda
Un design molto minimal e raffinato, perfette!
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