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block notes
notepad with spiral
block notes
notepad with spiral

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Personalized notepads formed by 50 or 100 sheets glued on the head, easy to leaf through or detach.
At the base of the notepad there is a sheet of cardboard support.
Available Sizes:
  • A6 (10,5x14,8 cm)
  • A5 (14,8x21 cm)
  • A4 (21x29,7 cm)
  • A3 (29,7x42 cm)
  • 10x21 cm
  • 10x10 cm
  • 14,8x14,8 cm
Horizontal / vertical orientation.
Key features:
You can get desk plans, letterhead pads, notebooks, personalized notebooks. Useful as a gadget for customers or as a business tool.

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