What are your contact info and business hours?

Our operational offices, showroom and warehouse are located in Travagliato (BS), nr.14 a/b, via del Rame .

We are open Monday to Friday, 8.30-12.30 AM and 2.00-7.00 PM.

Our legal head office is in Brescia, 11/g via Valcamonica.

Why buy from you?

1) We are a specialized company, not one that also deals in display materials, but a leading company solely committed to the market of display solutions and visual communication.

2) We offer the additional value of service. We don’t just sell our products online: we take great care of our clients and ensure a quick, competent and helpful service (same-day quotes, completion of orders in 24h, possibility to have your item custom-printed, products always in stock with national and international delivery, problem-solving, constant quality check, availability of spare parts, custom projects on request, etc.).

3) Wide variety, quality and exclusivity of our products: in addition to standard solutions (such as flags, roll-up stands, desks, literature displays, banner stands…) we offer exclusive design solutions (such as our DNA) with peculiarities that make us unique on the market (such as outdoor totems, also in big sizes, packaged in shippable assembly kits).

Are your products made in Italy?

The majority of our products is based on our exclusive projects, manufactured in Italy with the best design and manufacturing features, typical of the "made in Italy".

To complete our range of display systems, we also offer imported items, carefully selected by our sales management to strict high quality standards. We also ensure that all products are tested before delivery.

How can I place an order?

Orders can be placed in the following ways:

1) e-commerce: through our online shop on our website, www.studiostands.it; 2) direct contact: over the phone or with a visit by appointment; 3) by email: [email protected]

How can I view your prices?

You can access the quotes directly online, our e-commerce site www.studiostands.it is able to provide quotes in real time.

Our sales office is also at your service for customized quotes and pricelists.

Do the prices on your pricelist or shop include print?

Listed prices do not include print (nor print supports, such as blank banners or panels). In the online shop you can find, in addition to the quotes for the display structures, also those for the print. The client can choose whether to buy (1) blank structure only, (2) (re-)print only or (3) structure+print.

Do the listed prices include delivery?

Delivery is not included and is determined by the weight or volume of the items to be shipped.

The client can choose between our contract carrier (with shipment added to invoice) or a carrier of their choice.

Where do you ship?

All of our items can be shipped anywhere in the world, nationally and internationally.

How long does delivery take?

Our materials are ready in stock, even for large orders.

We ship via express couriers that deliver in 24/48+ hours depending on destination.

Is there a minimum order?

There are no minimum orders; you can buy even a single piece.

Payment methods?

Payment can be made on delivery (we accept cash, cashier’s and non-negotiable checks), by bank transfer (the full receipt of the transfer needs to be faxed to +39 0306624757; items will be shipped after we receive this) or by credit card (PayPal).

Other methods of payment can be requested and allowed with the final decision of our management, based on the amount of orders made by the client over time.

What happens if the goods are damaged on arrival?

In case of damage due to transportation, the client needs to inform the carrier upon delivery. In case damage is suspected and immediate check is not possible, please write “goods unchecked” on the waybill.

Returned items must be previously authorized and shipped with freight prepaid; we will then carry out our appraisal.

Claims must be made in written form, within 8 days of receipt of the goods (disputes, if any, are under the jurisdiction of the court of Brescia).

What happens if the received goods differ from those ordered?

The current Italian law on distance selling protects the client. Our client service will be happy to provide all necessary assistance.

Returned items must be previously authorized and shipped with freight prepaid; we will then carry out our appraisal.

Claims must be made in written form, within 8 days of receipt of the goods (any disputes are under the jurisdiction of the court of Brescia).

Can I buy display structures only (without banner/print)?

Yes, purchase of structures without banners/prints is possible. Every product comes with all necessary directions(instructions and size) for the client to realize their banner/print.

Do you also offer a printing service?

Yes, we can take care of the print/banner upon request.

We exclusively use top-notch materials and machinery, to offer highest quality prints.

Do you also prepare the graphics for my products?

We prefer ready-made files, but if the client needs assistance we can help with graphics.

What format do graphic files need to have?

We need “closed” image formats (pdf, jpg…) in real format of at least 100 dpi.

How can I send you my files?

Files can be sent to our graphics department in the following ways:

1) directly via our website during the placement of your order;   2) through the free service wetransfer.com; 3) loading them on an ftp server of yours (or on our ftp, following the directions we’ll send you); 4)by email: [email protected]; 5) mailing a CD and print tests (if any) to: Studio Stands v. del Rame 14a/b 25039 Travagliato (Bs) -  attn. Graphics Department

Do you offer any special conditions for resellers?

The trade of our display solutions takes place mostly through industry insiders and print advertising (advertising agencies, printers, outfitters, event organizers etc) exhibitors who purchase for resale to end users. The prices on the site studiostands.it are already discounted for resellers. 

Do you have local sales agents?

We have sales agents who can visit you or welcome you at our showroom. However, given the vast geographical area over which our clientele is located, we have specialized in distant business relationships, ensuring the highest quality and completeness of service, just like in traditional, face-to face relationships.

Why am I unable to register to your online shop?

In order to register successfully, it is important to fill out all requested fields of the form.

What is your privacy policy?

Studio Stands s.r.l. guarantees that the processing of all personal data is carried out in accordance with the current data protection law. Information regarding clients is solely used for business contacts and procedures. Please see the privacy policy link on the home page of this website for further information regarding privacy.

Can I pay purchase by credit card off-line also?

Yes, it is sufficient to indicate an email address together with the order of reference, our administration will send you a link via paypal, to proceed to payment by credit card (or paypal account).

Products features may vary?

In order to optimize technical and qualitative features, Studio Stands reserves the right to modify characteristics, sizes and materials of the products without notice; making also changes to the prices if necessary.

Can I see your products in person?

You are welcome to visit our showroom located in v. del Rame 14a/b 25039 Travagliato (Bs) by appointment with one of our sales agents. Furthermore, our company regularly takes part in exhibitions and trade fairs where it is possible to view our display solutions.

Do you make custom display items?

Our technical department is capable of offering all necessary support in designing and realizing custom-made display materials.

Do items come assembled?

Our display structures, for transportation reasons, are shipped unassembled. Assembly is extremely easy and quick, guided by our instructions leaflet. Should you have any doubts or further needs, you are welcome to contact our operators for further information.

Are instruction leaflets provided?

Our products come with instruction leaflets that describe the assembly procedure and provide useful information for realization of the prints/banners. 

Can I use banners/prints I already have on your display units?

In general this is possible. Please contact our sales department to identify the most suitable display solution (depending on shape, size, material and other features of your print/banner).

Do you also provide installation for outdoor totems?

Since our clients are located over a very wide area, we need to delegate installation of totems to the client or to a local professional of their choice. This is the reason why our totems come in a very user-friendly assembly kit, easy to assemble for anyone. Totems also come with a special leaflet describing the steps for safe and proper installation: from the preparation of the concrete base to the raising of the unit. No special equipment is necessary for installation. Should you have any doubts or further needs, you are welcome to contact our operators for further information.

For outdoor totems, do you also take care of the necessary bureaucracy?

Bureaucratic procedures/authorizations, where necessary, are up to the client. The procedure, in Italy, is the same as the one for business signs. Our operators will be happy to provide any documents requested by the authorizing agency.

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