blackboard table top
self-supporting counter slate
rewritable counter slate
blackboard table top
self-supporting counter slate
rewritable counter slate

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Practical and economical table / counter blackboard. It is made of black plastic material to recall the slate effect.
It is a table blackboard, rewritable with liquid chalk markers. Normal chalks can also be used (with the caution not to press too hard to avoid marking the blackboard).
Erasing is done with a cloth moistened with water or with commonly used detergents.

The panel can be written on both sides and is simply fixed by interlocking on the base which makes it self-supporting.

The standard version has dimensions 20x22.5h cm (5mm thick) and is characterized by corners rounded.
It is also possible to create custom-made table boards and with a series of further customizations:
lavagna su misura
Bespoke whiteboards
it is possible to request table boards with ad hoc dimensions.
lavagna stampata
Blackboards with print
it is possible to customize the table boards with the printing of graphic elements shaped blackboard
lavagna sagomata
Shaped boards
it is possible to make these counter boards with special shapes (square, circular, shaped, with the appearance of a specific object, ...)
Ideal blackboard for the sector. in general (for restaurants, trattorias, wine bars, wine bars) where it is used as a placeholder, to display the menu of the day, to indicate the price list or for particular offers.
Blackboard is useful in every situation and context in which the message must be renewed frequently.

On request, possibility of wall / easel / desk boards with frame : contact our sales department.

For wall boards, self-standing boards, chalkboard easels: Lavagna BlackBoard
Any signs / lines on the blackboard surface do not represent manufacturing defects, they are classified as an intrinsic characteristic of the material.
All products that cannot be added directly to the cart, providing a series of preliminary choices by the buyer (configuration), are classified as "customized" products. The configuration choices result in different product finalization interventions. Following the order, the goods from the "semi-finished" state are prepared according to the specific choices of each customer.

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