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Brochureholder Torre
Brochureholder Torre
Brochureholder Torre
Brochureholder Torre

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Material: floor brochure holder that consists in a boxed steel sheet + vertical structure in silver-colored metal to be accessorised with transparent plex pockets.  
Four versions available:
- Height 140 cm, single-side, with 4 pockets A4 size.
- Height 140 cm, double-sided, with 8 pockets A4 size.
- Height 180 cm, single-sided, with 5 pockets A4 size.
- Height 180 cm, double-sided with 10 pockets A4 size.

Key Features: floor displays made ​​in Europe, elegant and refined. Ideal for display and distribute brochures, magazines, flyers, catalogs. Can be disassembled for transportation.


A crowner in white makonil can be added at the top of the brochure holder, can be customized with logos and graphics.

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Ottimo prodotto e sempre ottimo servizio
Prodotto di qualità, arrivato come sempre con tempi rapidissimi. Come sempre StudioStands si rivela un'ottima scelta
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